Secure your loved ones future by cataloging your assets & liabilities

No one can predict the future. Ensure that your loved ones have easy access to your assets & Will to make inheritance digital, seamless and stress-free


Billions of dollars remain unclaimed in dormant accounts, unclaimed insurance policies and other assets instead of benefiting the intended beneficiaries

Unclaimed wealth with Indian banks rose to a three-year high in 2020

About ₹1,50,000 crore is lying as unclaimed deposits/amounts with various Indian banks and insurance companies as of December 2020. This is a significant increase from about ₹1,30,000 crore two years ago. A deposit is classified as 'unclaimed' if the customer doesn't make any transaction using that account for at least 10 years.

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Rs 82,000 crore lying in unclaimed bank a/cs, life insurance, mutual funds, PF: How to get your money back

ET Wealth estimates that more than Rs 82,000 crore of investor wealth is lying unclaimed in forgotten and lost investments. There are unclaimed deposits languishing in dormant bank accounts, maturity proceeds of policies idling in insurance companies and even the life savings of individuals locked up in inactive provident fund accounts.

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The Total Amount of Unclaimed Money in Every State — Is Some of It Yours?

If you’re regularly scrounging for loose change in your couch cushions, there’s a better way to get free money. One in 10 Americans has unclaimed property that they don’t even know exists. There are billions of dollars being held by state governments and treasuries across the United States — and you could be missing out on your fair share of it.

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Wealth Protection for your Loved ones

A secure digital vault of your assets, liabilities and Will – protect your assets and ensure that they will be inherited by your beneficiaries while maintaining confidentiality based on your comfort.
Organize Assets & Liabilities

Organize all your financial & physical assets, liabilities and medical records at one place with industry-leading security technology so that your loved ones are aware of and can access your details when required.

Share Information

Choose with whom & when you want to share the information – immediately or event-based. We share information basis your choice only!


LiveTrack protocol for regular check-ins and to detect unforeseen tragic events – ensure that the beneficiaries get the assigned information for event-based data sharing.

Our Support

Will document creation for you + additional legal support for you and your beneficiaries during Will creation or claims process.


Secure your loved ones immediately – it is easy & quick

FamSecure Survey

A research by FamSecure produced some startling, yet expected results
  1. 58% of respondents claimed that their partner’s are not aware of assets & liabilities
  2. 50% are not aware of their partners’ assets & liabitilies
  3. 54% have not stored their assets & liabilities information at one place
  4. 46% have saved the information in their head!
  5. 19% have saved their information offline
  6. >90% do not have a registered will



Online (Google Sheets, Drive, etc.)
Offline Wills
Easy to update & catalog
LiveTrack Protocol
Ability to inform beneficiaries only in case of unforeseen event
Inform beneficiaries if they forget
Multi-channel notification for you & beneficiaries
Support for beneficiaries
Assignment of trustees
Ability to inform trustees only in case of unforeseen event

FamSecure is your secure online vault to catalog & digitally store your assets & liabilities as well as assign them to your beneficiaries.

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